Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today was a little bit like Christmas - my new Kiev88 CM kit arrived (cause what I really needed in life was yet another camera), and then my film order from B&H arrived. The Kiev88 is a Russian knock off of a Hasselblad (many times more expensive) medium format rig, which Marc would absolutely find amazing because 'it takes pictures from the top'. And then the box of film was a bit underwhelming and a relief at the same time. I had envisioned 100 rolls of medium format and 35mm film to occupy a much greater volume... but now I feel like I may just be able to cram everything into my carry on pack after all.


  1. I need one of these now. Haha, "it takes pictures from the top." Best sales-guy ever.

  2. Velvia in 120 format and Portra 160NC. Nice taste in film. How do you like the Hasselbladski? Mine is probably arriving tomorrow and I'm giddy.

  3. I really love the Hasselbladski. It's heavy, unwieldy, and slow to use. Meaning you actually slow down to compose your shots, and take some time to think about shooting rather than snapping away 100 exposures to hope that 1 turns out. You'll love yours.