Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gnomes of Wroclaw, Poland.

Okay, long overdue post. Thought I'd share some of the gnomes we found during our hunt in Wroclaw, Poland. There are many of these little guys scattered throughout the city, just hanging out inconspicuously.

Mudding/ Drywalling Gnome

We have no idea what this gnome is all about.

Paperboy Gnome. We found him in front of a newspaper stand.

1st of 2 gnomes living out the myth of Sisyphus

2 of 2.

Guarding his gnome home (the concrete thing he's leaning against was actually like a hobbit hole, complete with a little door on the side).

The chain smoking blacksmith.

My personal favourite of them all - the traveller gnome with his little gnome rangefinder camera. Awesomeness times 1000.

Protester gnome. Hopefully he's protesting against Canada's proposed copyright law. Tony Clement, you sir, are a moron.

Mailman gnome. We found him atop a mailbox outside the main post office.

Who knew gnomes were so acrobatic?

Busker gnome.

And his one and only fan...

The first gnome telephone booth.

The Carpe Diem gnome. Just happy to be alive.

Gnomish Avionics.

The overindulging gnome. Kind of like me on this trip - eating, drinking, then falling asleep.

Gnome enjoying a fine perogy.

Prison Gnome.

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