Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog Turd Rubbernecking

What is it about the human mind that can't resist doing the opposite of what you've been told? You know when someone tells you to not look at something because it's gross, and you just can't stop yourself, even though you know it's going make you want to gag? Or when someone says that it stinks, your natural inclination is to take a deep breath? What causes that urge?

Tonight I was walking Tubby (our dog), and he did his business on the pathway early on in the loop. I cleaned it up with my handy little plastic bag, and dumped that in the first trash bin I saw. We continued our walk, stopping in for a lengthy chat at my uncle's place, before heading towards home. At that point, Tubby decided he needed to squat and drop another package off on someone's driveway. I panicked as I had already used and tossed the one plastic bag I brought for his earlier deuce. So I approached these three young girls playing outdoors a few houses away to hunt down a plastic bag, explaining what happened. Then one of them literally ran over in the direction we came, and I thought, is she actually going to rubberneck (the dog did have an accident, so to speak). Sure enough, she got up close to inspect the turd, wrinkled up her nose and gave me the 'ewwww, that's gross' look. And then I thought, 'told you so...?'

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