Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amateur Strobist Session

Despite her usual reluctance to pose for my photos, Anita patronized me this evening by not refusing to sit for a portrait session. And so we messed around with a single light setup for a few portraits (and by 'light setup', I actually mean I turned on a floor lamp as the sole light source - it doesn't get more amateur than that). The results aren't terribly inspiring, but she was getting impatient after a few minutes of this posing, and so I only got a few shots to work with.

Reluctant Model-2

Reluctant Model

Reluctant Model-3


  1. Is it still 'Strobist' if you're using a lamp? ;-)

  2. Nope. But nobody actually reads this blog for its factual accuracy. At least, I certainly hope not! :)

  3. I'm just here for the dead birds. :P

  4. Fantastic! I've actually been thinking how another dead bird diary entry is overdue...