Friday, April 6, 2012

Montreal in Random Photos - Part 2

I'm uploading a second set of randoms from Montreal while Anita slowly wakes from her marathon 20hr sleep (okay, maybe I exaggerate just a touch)... funny story, yesterday we were talking about Kris Kross (remember them? Wiggity Wiggity Wiggity Wack), and I was telling her about how they only had one hit. And she was like, "Oh they're a 'One Song Hitter', right?" Sometimes her slightly incorrect use of colloquial terms is pretty funny.

Anyways, on with the show. JUMP JUMP. Mac Daddy make ya...

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-1

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-2

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-3

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-4

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-5

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-9

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-6

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-7

Montreal Randoms - Part 2-8

In order from top to bottom:
1) Beautiful homes in an affluent neighbourhood just south of Sherbrooke Metro Station.
2) Dinner at the 'good luck getting in if you don't have a reservation' Au Pied De Cochon.
3) We didn't have reservations, but managed to snag the one remaining table anyways. Anita had the Duck in a Can, which was literally served to you out of the can. It was fantastic.
4) Street Art involving Batman... kickass.
5) Another film shooting student I spotted during the massive student protest. She was rocking a Mamiya C3 TLR.
6) Breakfast at St. Viateur's, famous for their fresh bagels
7) Decor at Khyber Pass, an awesome Afghan restaurant next door to Au Pied De Cochon.
8) Beautiful architecture in the square surrounding Basilica Notre-Dame.
9) A delicious savoury crepe with eggs, ham, bacon, and maple syrup.

1 comment:

  1. You should let me tag your photos for you,
    1)Disgusting row housing
    2)the canned duck place
    3)People just describing that dish still manage to turn my stomach.
    4)Street Art involving Batman... kickass.
    5)ever tell someone their double chin kinda bulges out when they shoot on their twin lens reflex?
    6)hey a bagel
    7)I imagine they, like, steamrollered a really slippery ghost who squirted out the front and left the clothes behind.