Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I don't do landscapes - Alishan, Taiwan

An oldie from the tail end of our trip to Taiwan back in January. This was shot in the lush mountain village known as Alishan, where people go to watch the sunrise over a sea of clouds, before embarking on a hike through the old forest. Unfortunately for us, it was drizzling rain and the sun stayed hidden that morning... however, the drizzle and humidity in the air did make for some beautiful misted views within the forest.

Forests of Alishan

Forests of Alishan-2

Forests of Alishan-3

Forests of Alishan-4

Forests of Alishan-5

Forests of Alishan-6

Forests of Alishan-7

Forests of Alishan-8

Forests of Alishan-9

Forests of Alishan-10

Forests of Alishan-11

Forests of Alishan-12

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