Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fat George, and a Fish Market

I have a fasting blood test scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:40am. That means I need to start fasting at 8:40pm tonight. So when I absent mindedly eat an ice cream bar and a handful of almonds at 11pm, I try to rationalize it as Anita's fault for tempting me with the jar of almonds. Even though I ate the ice cream first, of my own free will. Hahaha... I'm an idiot, and will have to reschedule this appointment yet again. Apparently I have the self control of a fish when it comes to food...

On the topic of fish, we have this thing for exploring fish markets when we travel. These are some shots taken at an outdoor (ie: unrefrigerated, hot, unsanitary, and smelly) fish market in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I'd be afraid to eat anything from here, but the vendors and their stalls made for some interesting candid photos.

The Fishmonger

Plenty of Fish-6

Plenty of Fish-2

Plenty of Fish-3

Plenty of Fish-4

Plenty of Fish-5

Plenty of Fish-7

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