Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friends on Film

Sort of the opposite of my ongoing Strangers in the City project, Friends on Film is my attempt to photograph the people that I know through various aspects of my life. It occurred to me that for the thousands of photos I take every year, I have hardly any portraits of my friends. And then it also occurred to me that it's likely because I have no friends haha... but for real, the next time I see you, don't be surprised if I demand that you sit for a portrait. I want to end up with a giant collection of negatives with your mugs permanently fixed to them. None of that digital crap that you lose when your hard drive crashes. I want a physical reminder of how you look so that when I'm a senile 90 year old, I can pull out these things and be like, "Who the frick is this guy?"

Friends on Film-12
The most important of all the folks in my life, Anita, my beautiful wife.

Friends on Film-11

Friends on Film-1
Tytus, my fellow nerdy goof-tard that I wish I still worked daily with. We wouldn't get much work done though...

Friends on Film-2

Friends on Film - Gregg
Gregg, fellow Vegrevillian I've known since Kindergarten. Movie buff, freelance writer, and webcomic creative genius.

Friends on Film - Erin
Erin, Gregg's prettier half. I feel bad that we ditched her halfway up a mountain a few weeks ago, but she graciously took it in stride.

Inglorious Hipster
Jeremy, funniest dude I know. Also the only person I know that is skinnier than me.

Friends on Film-6
Sandie, keeps threatening to neuter my in-laws dog when we're not looking.

Friends on Film-7
Bruce, fellow beer connoisseur and all around handyman.

Friends on Film-13
Yasko (and Aren), once spent 16 hours scrambling a horrendous mountain with me after having met me only the night before.

Friends on Film-14
Ray (and Kai), easy going other half of Yasko. Also a fellow mountain warrior. We miss you guys in Calgary. Move back!

Friends on Film-9
Chris, street photography ninja. Seriously, dude shoots street photos with a hasselblad (not a subtle camera).

Friends on Film-4
Tytus again... with his 'steampunk' goggles. See why I called him a nerdy goof-tard earlier?

Friends on Film-8
Andy, my awesome bro-in-law. The only knock I have against him is his habit of shooting with a Canon. :-/

Friends on Film-10
Scott, fellow photo nerd and beer enthusiast. My two favourite things.

Friends on Film-5
Wing (and Grace), the only man I know that has a bigger obsession with watches than me.

Friends on Film-3
Paul, who recognized me on the street from photo postings in the Film Shooters group before I'd even met him. This shot of him blinking is a reminder of why you should always shoot an extra frame of film.

All black and white photos taken with either the Kiev 88, Pentax 6x7, or Rolleiflex 2.8E, and home developed in Ilfosol 3. Colour shots developed at a commercial lab.

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