Saturday, June 6, 2015


Some people log how many steps they've taken, some people keep track of their daily exercise or their caloric intake. Us? We log our raw oyster consumption count - by type, harvest area, meatiness, shell depth, and flavour profile. Oyster nerds? Yep. Proud of it? Equally yep. We even have an Oysterpedia app on our phones.

Seafood lovers, get ready to drool. We hit up Rodney's Oyster House (recently opened in Calgary), and gorged on some delicious fresh oysters and clams, as well as steamed quahogs (large round clams), an oyster slapjack chowder, and a refreshing grilled ahi tuna salad.

Rodneys Oyster House - Calgary-1
Cotuit, Lameque, Beach Angel, and Pemaquid oysters, plus a couple Topneck and Countneck clams.

Rodneys Oyster House - Calgary-2
Large steamed quahogs in a buttery sauce. MMMMMM.

Rodneys Oyster House - Calgary-3
Grilled Ahi Tuna salad.

Apparently, oysters and clams are good for your heart health. Anita found something that says this on some website. So while you can't believe most of what you read on the internet, I'm going to blindly believe this 'fact' cause it means I can eat more of these lovely little guys...

And just for funzies, here are a couple animated gifs I made of ourselves chowing down on oysters last year in New York's Grand Central Station.



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