Sunday, December 27, 2015

La Sagrada Familia Papercraft

I've squandered away this holiday weekend doing nothing productive. Fortunately, the internet memes remind me that there's only 363 days left till Christmas... my sole accomplishment thus far has been to arts and craft together a papercraft model of La Sagrada Familia, one of the architectural gems of Gaudi's Barcelona. While the actual Sagrada has been in construction for over a hundred years and counting, this Game of Thrones-ish papercraft model took a marginally shorter time (about 2 hours) to cut out and glue together. And I only crazy glued my fingers together once. Skill level: "Not Quite Ninja Master"

La Sagrada Familia-6
All the towers and spires remind me of the Game of Thrones opening sequence.

La Sagrada Familia-5
There's nothing to reference scale here, but the entire thing is only 1" x 2" x 1", so cutting out the detailed spires in each of the multiple layers was a tedious exercise in patience.

La Sagrada Familia-4

La Sagrada Familia-2

La Sagrada Familia-3

La Sagrada Familia-1

The architecture (inside and out) of this cathedral is incredibly modern and fantastical even today, despite the initial design dating back to the late 1800's. When Anita and I first saw it during our honeymoon 7 years ago, the interior was still largely hidden behind scaffolding and other construction material, so we were rather tickled that our second visit yielded a completed interior. It is spacious, bright, and unlike any church you've ever visited.

La Sagrada Familia-7

La Sagrada Familia-8

La Sagrada Familia-9

La Sagrada Familia-10

La Sagrada Familia-11
The beautiful stained glass aglow in the mid-afternoon sun.

La Sagrada Familia-14

La Sagrada Familia-13

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