Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wasootch Ridge, and My Father-in-Law's Shitlist

Here's my surefire method on how to reach the top of your 65+ year old father-in-law's shitlist: take him for a 'hike', but neglect to mention that it'll be hours of steeps, gaining 700m net elevation, and 1000m gross. That literally means it's UPHILL BOTH WAYS, as you gain a ridge, then drop elevation, only to have to gain again to reach the next hump (and repeat on descent). I'm pretty sure I re-introduced him to entire muscle groups he had stored away 30 years ago, as they screamed silent agony the entire way. I felt terrible as he struggled his way back down, helplessly watching as his fierce independent spirit refused to allow me to aid him except in the few patches where he was truly uncomfortable with the route. He's probably having a go in their massage chair right now, thinking up how he could get away with poisoning the next meal he cooks me. And I'd deserve every morsel of it. :)

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-2
The first portion of Wasootch Ridge is incredibly steep, before levelling out at the first of many humps along the ridge.

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-1

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-3
As we round another ridge bump, the snowcapped Mt. McDougall dominates the view to the south.

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-4
The father-in-law and the missus.

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-6

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-7

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-9

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-8
The somewhat gentler slope atop the ridge, with Mt. Lorette in the background.

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-10

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-11

Scrambles - Wasootch Ridge-12

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