Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Samuel L. Machson

I needed a passport photo taken so that I could apply for a tourist visa to visit the motherland this coming September. So we went to Costco tonight to get them done, because you really can't beat 7 dollars for a set. Except... well... I'm not usually mistaken for a black man. But from this photo, I would fit right in with a Black Lives Matter protest. #MachLivesMatter. Take a look at the mugshot they gave me (bottom), and tell me you don't have a curious/ shocked expression on your face like these fine folks do at my sudden transformation into Samuel L. Machson. Allow me to coin a new slogan for the Costco photo department: for all your digital blackface needs.

Tytus et al-1

Tytus et al-4

Tytus et al-3

African-American George.
And this is after I brightened up the the photo after scanning it. I'm even darker in the actual print.

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