Monday, June 5, 2017

Dispatches from the Field: Seattle Edition, April 2017

After four straight weekends of scrambles in the Rockies, we didn't get out for a hike this past weekend. I was getting the shakes from summit withdrawal...

So rather than post more photos from our recent mountain adventures, here are another selection from our trip to Seattle over the Easter long weekend. Oysters, beer, oysters, scenic views, more oysters, graffiti, and Lenin. A very short, but very fun getaway.

Seattle - April 2017-12

Seattle - April 2017-7
Seattle Skyline from the top of the Space Needle. Click to see it large.

Seattle - April 2017-2
View from Deception Pass Bridge.

Seattle - April 2017-5
Underneath Deception Pass Bridge.

Seattle - April 2017-3
Some hipsters shooting Fuji FP Instant film through an old Polaroid Land camera.

Seattle - April 2017-4
Barnacles on the rocky beach of Deception Pass.

Seattle - April 2017-6
Anita enjoying every last spoonful of clam chowder from Ivar's Seafood Bar.

Seattle - April 2017-8
Selection of oysters from Shaker + Spear.

Seattle - April 2017-9

Seattle - April 2017-10

Seattle - April 2017-11
Night time lights and reflections at Pike Place Market.

Seattle - April 2017-13
Happy Hour at The Walrus and The Carpenter.

Seattle - April 2017-14
A most amazing Spot Prawn Crudo, from The Walrus and The Carpenter. Seriously, you need to eat this.

Seattle - April 2017-15
Another selection of oysters.

Seattle - April 2017-16
Oysters Casbarian from Blue Acre Seafood.

Seattle - April 2017-17
The unexpected Lenin statue in the Fremont district.

Seattle - April 2017-18

Seattle - April 2017-19

Seattle - April 2017-20
Oysters from Taylor's Shellfish Oyster Bar.

Seattle - April 2017-21
Geoduck (pronounced 'gooey duck') ceviche from Taylor's.

Seattle - April 2017-22
Seattle Public Library.

Seattle - April 2017-23
One last selection of oysters from Elliot's Oyster House, just before we headed to the airport.

Seattle - April 2017-24
The bar at Elliot's Oyster House.

Seattle - April 2017-1
And what trip to the Pacific Northwest is complete without same craft beer samples.

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  1. Oh Seattle, the city that contains thousands of acres of parkland, the city surrounded by water, mountains and forests. Thanks for sharing the adventurous yet mouthwatering oyster adventure.