Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trip Report: Canadian Siberia

We went for a round of shots on Friday. Before you think 'Yeah you did,' it was not as fun as it sounds. We hit the travel clinic and got jabbed with enough vaccines to give an elephant 'the autism.' Yellow fever, typhoid, seasonal flu, and scrips for traveller's diarrhea and altitude sickness. Kilimanjaro, we coming for you!

I spent this past week in Winnipeg, aka Canadian Siberia. While it was chilly the first day, the scenes from out the airplane window and on the ground were incredibly beautiful and stark. <-- Imagine that, a Game of Thrones reference that isn't just 'Winter is coming'...

Winnipeg Ice-9

Winnipeg Ice-2

Winnipeg Ice-1

Winnipeg Ice-4

Winnipeg Ice-3

Winnipeg Ice-7

Winnipeg Ice-10

Winnipeg Ice-14

Winnipeg Ice-8

Winnipeg Ice-12

Winnipeg Ice-6

Winnipeg Ice-13

Winnipeg Ice-5

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