Monday, July 2, 2018

Canada 151

Happy 151st Birthday, Canada! You are vast, beautiful, welcoming of others, and polite to a fault (sorry). You have free basic health care, sensible gun policy, and recognize diversity as your strength. In this age of populism and insular rhetoric, I have never been more proud and grateful to call you home.

For those who are interested, these fireworks shots were taken from the hillside of Rotary Park in Calgary, overlooking downtown. All you need is a camera with full manual exposure, and a tripod. The majority of these were 1 - 2 second exposures, at f/8, ISO 2000. But you can play around with your exposure to suit the look you want.

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-3

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-1

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-2

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-4

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-5

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-7

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-8
This one makes it look like downtown Calgary is on fire.

Canada Day Fireworks - 2018-6
Zoom Pull! Zoom in or out while the shutter is open on a long exposure, and this is what you get.

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