Monday, November 12, 2018

YYC Night Skyline

Oh, Hello Calgary. I almost didn't recognize you, with all the pretty skyline colours and that interesting looking bridge. These shots were taken a few minutes apart, underneath the pedestrian bridge connecting East Village with St. Patrick's Island. It's the bridge that mysteriously cracked this summer, prompting a closure after only being in use for 4 years. It's also the same bridge we run over during our workday runs. Hmmm... perhaps we should rethink our route.

Anyways, the light of the setting sun quickly faded to twilight blue hour, hence the slight shifts in colour in the sky between the 3 photos.

Calgary Skyline-1
If one didn't know better, one could be fooled into believing the Bow is a mighty flowing river. Looks can be deceiving.

Calgary Skyline-2

Calgary Skyline-3

Calgary Skyline-5

For those that are actually interested in the photo-nerdery: these were taken with a 12mm f/2.0 Rokinon lens on a Fuji X-T1 body. No HDR processing, just single 30 second long exposures, with a 'Velvia' VSCO preset adjustment slapped on in Lightroom for some added oomph to the colours.

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