Friday, March 29, 2019

Calgary Tower Stair Climb

As we're officially now in spring, I'm doing some spring cleaning. You know how you pack away your winter boots and clothes? Yeah, I'm trying to pack away my winter belly until next year. But it's not going so well. My month long drinking fest known as Febrewery really did a number on my gut, and age related metabolic slowdown means I actually have to work at losing the flab. Boo urns. So when we were presented with a chance to climb the 802 stairs up the Calgary Tower this week, we jumped at the opportunity. It surprisingly only took 10 minutes to do, and probably could have been faster had I known it was only 51 flights of steps. Even so, at this pace, it was the equivalent of scrambling up a mountain in an hour. I hadn't been up the Tower in 20 years, so seeing these views of the city were a different perspective.

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-9
The glass floor of the Calgary Tower, looking back down to 9th Ave, nearly 200m below.

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-8
A different view of Calgary... this is Centre Street heading north, between the Telus Sky and Bow buildings.

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-5

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-4
The multi-tiered building on the right is City Hall.

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-3
The Saddledome.

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-2

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-1

Calgary Tower Stair Climb-10

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