Monday, April 22, 2019

Trip Report - Gap Peak

I hope you all had a good Easter long weekend. Mine involved scrambling a mountain and drinking beers. Protip: The order in which you do those activities directly correlates to your summit success rate. We spent Saturday drinking Turmeric IPA's, Pear Saisons, Triple IPA's, and Milkshake Sour IPA's from Eighty Eight Brewing. As such, I was not really motivated to get up Easter Sunday to bag a peak. But I knew I would feel terrible about wasting a four day long weekend, so dragged myself out of bed regardless, to take a steep hike up Gap Peak in the Canmore Corridor/ Bow Valley area. The original plan was to give Anita a weekend reprieve, and do a relatively short repeat mountain like the East End of Rundle. But as we got near Canmore, Gap Peak looked relatively snow free, so we carpe'd that diem instead.

The hike wasn't overly difficult, or long by any means, but it did encompass a wide variety of terrain and scrambling which made it rather interesting throughout. And the scrambling along the summit ridge, under bright blue skies and mostly calm winds, was something epic.

At one point, another couple would pass us by and asked if I was planning to camp overnight on the mountain. I guess she found my rather large pack to be overkill for this trail. She wasn't entirely wrong... I've been using the larger pack for months to carry extra layers and winter gear in case something goes wrong and we're stuck bivvying mountainside. But maybe it's time to move to my smaller summer pack now that the threat of death by freezing has become secondary to death by hungry bear... or Angry Anita. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Scrambles - Gap Peak-15

Scrambles - Gap Peak-16

Scrambles - Gap Peak-1
Mt. McGillivray, perfectly framed in the trees on our way up.

Scrambles - Gap Peak-2

Scrambles - Gap Peak-5
We found a cool little rock window 3/4 of the way up.

Scrambles - Gap Peak-6

Scrambles - Gap Peak-7
Yours truly, with my giant pack.

Scrambles - Gap Peak-8

Scrambles - Gap Peak-9
Some more steep scrambling.

Scrambles - Gap Peak-13

Scrambles - Gap Peak-10

Scrambles - Gap Peak-12
A rare photo of us together on the false summit.

Scrambles - Gap Peak-11
Summit Brew: Maui Brewing Company Big Swell IPA.

Scrambles - Gap Peak-17

Scrambles - Gap Peak-19

Scrambles - Gap Peak-20

Scrambles - Gap Peak-21

Scrambles - Gap Peak-18

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