Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Trip Report - Mt. Cory

Jas and I tromped up Mt. Cory just west of Banff this past Saturday, for a solid 1427m of elevation gain (#legday)! We killed it on the front side, gaining 800m in just over 1.5hrs, but then struggled up the rugged back side, before bagging the summit at around the 4 hour mark. Thankfully we had the entire mountain essentially to ourselves, so no one was witness to all our f-bombs and whining as we complained about tight quads and sore calves. There's nothing quite like a little mountain serenity interrupted by a constant stream of cussing from two old farts.

For those that actually care about the route details, it was kind of a three part hike/ scramble: the front side is a steep grind up through trees, with a well established trail. The middle portion is a short plateau along a grassy meadow. And then the backside switches to a rugged rocky section with sections of scree, ridges, rockfaces, and slabs to scramble. Makes for an interesting day throughout. I recommend!

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-23

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-12

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-11
View of iconic Mt. Rundle as we ascended the steep front side.

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-13

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-14

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-17

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-18

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-19

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-20

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-21
It's me! Looking towards Mt. Edith.

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-22

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-24

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-25

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-27

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-28

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-29

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-30

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-31

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-26
Summit Brews: Bellwoods Wolf Wizard Pale Ale and Waterloo IPA.

Scrambles - Mt. Cory-32

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