Monday, July 27, 2020

Neowise and the Milky Way

The comet, Neowise. The galaxy, Milky Way. Too bad they were in opposite parts of the sky so I couldn't get them together in one single photo... but both were still cool to see. The comet was very hard to see with the naked eye, but was fairly obvious in long exposures in camera. Enjoy!

Neowise and Milky Way - Blog-4
The Milky Way, looking south. Trees in foreground lit up by a passing car.

Neowise and Milky Way - Blog-2
The comet Neowise, visible to the north, rapidly fading as its trajectory pulls it further and further away from Earth.

Neowise and Milky Way - Blog-1
See ya in another 6000 years or so, space rock.

Neowise and Milky Way - Blog-5

Neowise and Milky Way - Blog-3

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