Thursday, November 5, 2020

Dear Stomach: I'm sorry - A midweek Date Day in YYC

Anita and I took the day off with intentions to go hike something, but ended up staying in town and checked out a couple new hot spots in the local food scene. For lunch, we hit up Orchard, a modern Mediterranean joint in a beautifully decked out space in the Beltline, and for dinner we snagged a table at Ponshu, a recently opened Japanaese izakaya by the same team behind Ajito. Both were great visual treats, with stylistic presentations that you feasted on equally with your eyes and your stomach. Between the two places, we ordered 14 dishes, which was definitely too much. Chalk this one up as another entry in the "Dear Stomach: I'm sorry" diaries. But another lockdown is probably just around the corner, so despite my current stomach discomfort, I REGRET NOTHING.

Warning: viewing these photos while hungry is a bad idea.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-9

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-2

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-7
Beef bolognaise with penne, arugula, and grana padano.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-8
Mussels with lardo tomato broth, fennel, grilled sourdough and chili flakes.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-6
Tomato panzanella with broccoli, crostini, shaved vegetables, grapes and soy sesame vinaigrette.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-5
Cheese stuffed garlic bread with seasonal herbs.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-10
Seasonal fruit tart with raspberries, blackberries, and rhubarb.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-4
E9 Brewing Co. IPA.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-3

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-12
Ceviche with scallop, shrimp, salmon, tuna, ikura, octopus, and tosaka seaweed, topped with ponzu jelly and soy olive dressing.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-11
Yuzu Sidecar, and Yuzu Ginger Ale.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-14
Assorted sashimi with tuna, sockeye salmon, and toro with gold flakes. Served with actual fresh grated wasabi.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-15

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-16
Sea urchin carbonara udon with crab meat, masago, and shiso.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-17
Habanero pork cheek with ginger soy sauce and green onions.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-18
Salmon tuna yukke with yuzy teriyaki sauce, chips, and quail egg.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-19
Crab stone bowl bibimbap with crab butter, snow crab, and masago.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-13
Snow crab sushi with miso mayo, masago, ponzu jelly and sesame.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-20
Raspberry panna cotta.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-21
Matcha creme brulee.

Date Day in YYC - Nov 2020-22
Double baked pandan coconut croissant, double baked butter croissant, and everything muffin.

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