Monday, November 29, 2021

Elbow Falls

The original plan was to bag another peak on Sunday, but a change in the forecast to a full day of rain dampened our enthusiasm, and we opted to forego a summit adventure. I really wasn’t keen on being drizzled on for 7 hours while slogging up a peak, so instead we played local tourist and checked out Elbow Falls near Bragg Creek. Normally these falls would be overrun with people, but owing to the cooler weather, and the fact that we went as daylight was starting to fade, meant that we had it mostly to ourselves.

Elbow Falls-17

Elbow Falls-1

Elbow Falls-3
I like how this shot makes it look like the falls just pour into a contained pool.

Elbow Falls-2

Elbow Falls-11

Elbow Falls-9

Elbow Falls-22
"Art" (or in this case, an accidental click of the shutter while moving the tripod).

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