Sunday, March 15, 2009


After a 7 year hiatus (aka, my career), I've gone back to school! ART school at that. I'm taking a portraiture class at ACAD (the Alberta College of Art and Design). No labs, seminars, midterms, or finals. Why the frick didn't I choose this instead of a microbiology honors degree...

We spent most of our first class on the basics of camera operations, but did get a few minutes of actual roam around and shoot time. I'm not really happy with these shots, but thought I'd post a couple anyways.

Vania giving us her rockstar look. I usually frame my portraits much more tightly than this one, but I like the use of space - I just wish I had included more of the wall above her, and maybe moved her off center a bit more. And the glare on both her glasses and the paint of the wall is distracting. Oh well, we only had 20 minutes to roam, set up, and shoot.

Wayne, all around good guy. I like this portrait for it's simple side lighting from the window. But the sun was a bit too bright, and even after spot metering this exposure, there's a hot spot on the side of his face. No actual clipping, but still a bit hot. Kind of hard to turn off the sun though, so I'm not sure I could've done much to change this short of moving him further from the window.

Hopefully by the end of this course, I'll actually snap a portrait that just works. Time for bed. Damn work in the morning...

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