Thursday, January 28, 2010


Currently on the reading list: Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time. I'm a science nerd, whatever. Some people collect stamps. Don't judge.

Today, I was engaged in a rather one sided conversation with a paranoid schizophrenic on the bus home about the dangers of Hanta virus and H1N1 mixing in humans. One sided in that he was essentially yelling slightly incorrect science tidbits at me, whilst I tried to distance myself. Not because I was scared, mind you, but because it was almost humorous and I didn't want to offend him by accidentally laughing. Luckily for me, he arrived at his stop just as his monologue had veered into the extreme territory of how our 'MENTALLY RETARDED GOVERNMENT' (his words, caps to express the volume with which he said them) should really be 'offed'...

Anyways, there's really no point to this story. But I did manage to talk about one of the most intelligent people in the world AND our 'retarded government' in one post. That's gotta be worth something, right?



  1. not worth anything when you use a slur like retarded. takes away all credibility.

  2. Now I'm not really sure how to respond to your comment, Hanna. Are you referring to the use of the word 'retarded' by the man on the bus as being a slur and that he has lost all credibility? If my assumption about your point is correct, well I'm on board. Because he checked his credibility at the bus stop, when he opened his mouth and spewed out the incorrect science 'facts' to begin with...

    (Feel free to stop reading if I have covered the intent of your comment. Continue if not.)

    Or are you referring to the use of the word 'retarded' in this post, as being something that takes away my own credibility?

    Let's assume that the latter is correct:
    The usage of the term 'retarded' in this diatribe is in quotes, in ALL three instances where it's written. These were not my words, I was quoting what the man on the bus said. I assume you got that from the post, but if not, you may want re-read - especially the line that said 'his words, caps to express the volume with which he said them'. I fail to see how quoting somebody's words can be applied against somebody else' credibility. When the media quote some famous person as having used a racial slur, does that mean the media outlet or journalist has lost credibility? If so, then you're essentially promoting censorship...

    Next, I would again invite you to re-read my post - I quote, "Anyways, there's really no point to this story". 'No point' references the fact that I was aimlessly rambling and after all was said and done, the only thing that seemed to tie the story together involved references to intelligence, both high and low. I did not write the story with the intent of advocating ANYTHING, or even attempting to convince the reader of any particular position. The line where I ask 'That's gotta be worth something, right?' is a facetious rhetorical question poking fun at the fact that I am fully aware that I was wasting the reader's time with this pointless story. So, even if you feel that I have discredited myself, I haven't even said anything of value to begin with... what credibility is there to lose? I don't purport to be anything other than an average Joe. Look at the description I've given to this blog: serving up 'ancedotes and a few f-bomb cocktails with a slice of sarcasm... by the pint'. I haven't mislead the reader into believing that this is a politically correct blog, or that I am the authority on any given social or policital issue. Once again, what credibility did I have to begin with? My friends don't even give my often ridiculous (but actually serious) diatribes the time of day. Why would I expect anyone I don't know on the interwebs to do so?

    Oh, and before I close off, my blog title is '2 Litres of Soy'. This is a stereotypical reference to the amount of soy sauce us Asians eat. To me, THAT is way more of a slur than comparing the actions of our government to that of someone who is mentally impaired.

    Regardless of whether your comment was intended towards the man on the bus or myself, thanks for reading! I'm afraid this credibility-lacking post, and my equally credibility-lacking response has wasted even more of your time.