Sunday, August 22, 2010

The beauty of imperfection

As you can see, I've changed the colour scheme for the blog (unless of course, you're reading this as an imported note on Facebook). I was getting tired of the plain jane all black look, plus the white text on black background was hard on the eyes after a bit of reading. I'm actually contemplating migrating over to a tumblr photoblog, but not sure yet. I like what others are doing with their one photo a day type tumblr posts, and I think that would better suit me than trying to verbalize all the random idiotic thoughts in my head everytime I want to post a photo.

So without any rhyme or reason as to why I'm posting this, here it is. Some building in Budapest. Taken with the Holga on Kodak E100G slide film and cross processed. I like that it's totally blurry and poorly composed, and also has multiple massive light leaks as well as the splotchy yellow bits that I was too lazy to clean off the negative before scanning. For all my talk and scheming to eventually buy a D700 (or actually, whatever Nikon replaces that body with), I actually far prefer the flawed imperfections of this 30 dollar toy camera.

Anywho, I have to plug away at pp'ing another wedding shoot I did this past Monday, and so I might drop off the face of the Earth until I've finished it.

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