Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Ramen King and I

I was at the library last week, and their 'New and Notable' section had a book called 'The Ramen King and I: How the Inventor of Instant Noodles Fixed My Love Life'. I was drawn to its cover, which featured a glorious styrofoam white package of Nissin Cup Noodles set against a background of blue rays of sunshine. Without even bothering to figure out if it was a novel, a self help book, or just some random facts book about the history of instant noodles, I decided that this was my next must read.

I know what you're thinking - that sounds positively retarded... packages of seasoning, dried vegetables bits and sesame oil, notwithstanding. But hear me out - 1) I LOVE INSTANT NOODLES. 2) Nissin Cup Noodles are pretty much the fifth food group. 3)... well, that pretty much summed up why I felt this was a must read.

And besides, this is certainly not the first time I've decided to read a book based on the image on the cover or its somewhat ridiculous title. The last two I did this with (books respectively titled 'The Cheese Monkeys' and 'Incompetence') both turned out to be great ones that I've read 5 times combined. 3 for 3!!!

Having said that, I've probably done nothing to convince you as to why you should hunt down a copy of this Ramen King book. As I'm not a gifted writer in any sense of the word, nor have I even finished reading the entirety of this pseudo autobiography/ tell all about the author's love life, there is no way I could do it justice. From what I've gotten so far, it's part retrospective diary, part wry self psychoanalysis of a serial cheater, and part contemporary history lesson on the etiquette of eating sushi, Japanese Culture, and of course, Instant Ramen. I would suggest this book to anyone with even a remotely similar sense of humour or personality or general taste in all things quirky as me to put down your reservations and give this book a shot. And if you don't enjoy the read, I'll treat you to a steaming hot Cup Noodles the next time I see you.


  1. I, for one, am now interested in this book.

    I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover.

  2. I finished the book in two days - it was THAT awesome. You really should read it.

  3. I shall trade on good book review for another. I finished this book in two days, and you should read it. It is entitled "How would you move mount Fuji?"

    It's the only non-travel book I've read in two years. I loved it.

  4. Awesome. I'll do that one after I finish Kafka's Metamorhasis. Sadly, our public library doesn't have it, so I may have to actually pay for it... gasp!