Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zen Kitchen

Dinner with friends at a vegan restaurant, Zen Kitchen, in Ottawa. Despite the lack of meat and dairy ingredients, the multi-course tasting menu was fairly interesting and pretty yummy. I'm going to have to try reverse engineering a few of these creations at home...

Kimchee Caesar (more like a bloody mary because it was tomato juice, but still an interesting concept)

Fresh bread with white bean and butternut squash dip.

Polenta croutons with edamame mousse and togarashi flakes.

Split pea soup with tempeh (soy) bacon

Mixed green salad with crushed walnuts, maple candied apple, beet curl, and mustard vinagrette

Veggie shepherd's pie with peppercorn apple chutney, Brussell sprouts, beets, and chipotle ketchup.

Maple walnut pie with maple and ice syrup, and vegan whipped cream (made from coconut milk).

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