Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adventures with the Polaroid SX-70

A bit of Polaroid love for you. I took the SX-70 out for a walk yesterday downtown with Anita, and I just cannot get over how wild and unpredictable the colours of instant integral film are. I love the tactile and physical nature of the experience of shooting polaroids. Seeing the photo spit out the front of the camera after you click the shutter, and then watching as the photo develops in your hands over the next few minutes is a feeling like no other. And then the elation you feel when the photo turns out even more soft, dreamy and beautiful than you had hoped is overwhelming in a way that no digital camera can ever replicate. I've got about 85 Polaroid shots left (not that Impossible Project replica stuff), and will savour every last morsel...

These are scanned versions of the originals, but they really don't do the originals any justice - there is a warmth, richness of colour, and depth that is lost in the scanning process, but it's the best I can do short of having you come over to view them.

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