Sunday, January 9, 2011

Read More. Cook More.

Wake up late, see blustery wintery conditions outside, decide to call it a snow day. Outside of a brief foray to the Italian market, we spent the remaining 22 hours of today indoors snuggled up in our pjs under a quilt, reading, and watching Rome Season 2.

We decided not to make 'new year resolutions' per se, but set out some goals of what we want to accomplish this year. Two of mine: Read more. Cook more. Status: on track.

For lunch, a deluxe seafood Udon.

For supper, bacon wrapped cod.

With tri-coloured mini nugget potatoes.


  1. Your udon looks so yummy.

    When I roast meat with baby potatoes, I also like to throw in a bunch of whole, peeled garlic cloves and brussels sprouts.

  2. Thanks Steph. The udon was deeee-lish. Good idea on the garlic and brussell sprouts. Will add those next time.