Monday, July 4, 2011

Holga Faux Leatherette Custom Decor

We were out hunting for curtains this weekend, and I ran across a display of random wall paper designs in Jysk. One of them had this classic brown leatherette look and texture to it, remniscient of the stuff you used to see on classic analog cameras. And so I thought, a couple cuts and a bit of glue could turn a simple arts and crafts project into a cool vintage custom mod for my white Holga 120N camera. I'd been thinking about painting the plastic shell for a while now, but this looks way more awesome. My previous faux Leica Holga mod has fooled a few seasoned shooters, so I wonder how this one will do for passersby catching a quick glimpse.

Tools and materials required:
1) Textile or pattern you want to decorate with
2) Ruler or other straight edge
3) Exacto knife for precision cutting/ edging of pattern
4) Scissors for rounding off corners
5) Crazy Glue
6) Cheap plastic toy camera


  1. Looks pretty cool. Your next mod should be to put a real camera behind the faux leather so you can take good pictures.

  2. Let's be honest... I couldn't take a good picture regardless of the camera's cost.

  3. just wondering where you got your leatherette from? I am interesting in doing this to one of my cameras!! Would you be able to email me @ and let me know! :) Thanks so much!