Monday, July 25, 2011

The Macro Life - Backyard Bokeh Dreams

I dusted off the Kiev88 (aka the Hasselbladski), some macro diopters, loaded a roll of Fuji Velvia 100, and went for a photo adventure in my backyard last week. The plan was originally to photograph a peony that I recently discovered living in the shade under our deck. But those shots turned out kind of blah... However, all was not lost, as I used the other half of the roll to capture these soft and dreamy images of small flowers blooming on a bush along my fence. I tried my hardest to get some shots that were sharp, but with a macro diopter and 80mm lens combo shot wide open at f/2.8, the depth of field was razor thin. The slight breeze didn't help either. Excuses aside, let's get to the photos.

The Macro Life

Backyard Bokeh Dreams

The Macro Life - Backyard

The Macro Life - Backyard-2

The Macro Life - Backyard-3

The Macro Life - Backyard-5

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