Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Innocence of Youth

My niece Mariana is at that age where she can comprehend the nuances and context of the world around her, but still has the unspoiled innocence of youth. She still finds wonder and amazement in the everyday things we would consider mundane and boring. "LOOK! A BUTTERFLY! AAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Seriously, she gets an impossible amount of joy in seeing something like a dandelion bloom, blowing in the wind. I wouldn't get that excited if I found a unicorn riding leprechaun, offering me 3 wishes and a chupa chup. If only we could find happiness so easily as the young do.

The Innocence of Youth

The Innocence of Youth-5

The Innocence of Youth-3

The Innocence of Youth-2

The Innocence of Youth

The Innocence of Youth-6

The Innocence of Youth-4

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect park setting to contrast against her summery orange dress. All photos shot with a Holga 120N on Konica 400VX film (super expired).

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