Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Insert superlative adjective here-STORM

Jeebus, is it fricking STORMING out there. The thunder is shaking the house like we're in an earthquake zone. And the last big clap set off the house alarm, which was rather scary. I'm sort of cowering in fear, nestled up on the floor against the couch, wrapped in an oversized quilt, wishing my big brave Anita was here... MOMMY!!!

Okay, maybe not so much the last part, but this storm is a bit freaky. Probably need a dinghy and a life jacket to get to work tomorrow. Calling it a severe thunderstorm doesn't really do it justice. We need a more extreme term for weather like this. Something like, Murderstorm. HellHathNoFuryStorm. HolyShitStorm. It's-Raining-Effing-Livestock-Storm. MichaelBayExplosionsStorm.

Anywho, I needed to post a photo of a peaceful scene to get my mind off the scary noises in the sky outside.

Porto Waterfront

Taken over a year ago now, during a rainy 5 days in Porto, Portugal. Sigh...

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