Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paris Anonymous

Street photography is a genre that I don't often shoot, nor am I any good at it. But while we were in Paris, passersby backdropped against the many interesting streetscapes just called out to me to be photographed. On this trip, I brought the D300 and Kiev 88, neither of which are subtle cameras. So to capture these candid 'street' photos, I just shot with the iPhone. Like a NINJA. Ninja's use iPhones, yes?

The black and whites were captured inside the Charles De Gaulle airport terminal, while the colour shots were taken throughout Paris and Lyon.

Paris Anonymous-7

Paris Anonymous-14

Paris Anonymous-9

Paris Anonymous-10

Paris Anonymous-11

Paris Anonymous-8

Paris Anonymous-13

Paris Anonymous-3

Paris Anonymous-6

Paris Anonymous-5

Paris Anonymous-4

Paris Anonymous-2

Paris Anonymous

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