Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Prelude to Patagonia

A quick hike up Ha Ling peak in Canmore yesterday - which Anita wants to make an annual thing for us, like KFC or Christmas. She's 'training' for our 5 day trek through Patagonia in Chile (coming up in November), and as part of her training, she wanted to load up her pack with some added weight. So as a true photo nerd, I made her lug up a 10 lb. hardcover coffee table book of Annie Leibovitz' photos. She's also a bit of a sweat fiend, and repeatedly asked me in a not so ladylike fashion to feel how sweaty her armpits were. I declined... cause that's gross. Yes, my wife can be gross.

Ha Ling - 2013-6

Ha Ling - 2013-5

Ha Ling - 2013-2

Ha Ling - 2013-4

Ha Ling - 2013-7
On the ridge near the summit, overlooking Canmore. The wide highway looking stretch running north-south from the mountains is actually what used to be the creek/ gulch that flooded recently and turned into a raging mass of house destruction.

Ha Ling - 2013-8

Ha Ling - 2013-10

Ha Ling - 2013-9

Ha Ling - 2013-11

Ha Ling - 2013-12

Ha Ling - 2013-13

Ha Ling - 2013-14

Ha Ling - 2013-15

Ha Ling - 2013-16

Ha Ling - 2013-17
Celebratory Beer at The Wood in Canmore - Granville Island Brewing's Ginja Ninja.

Ha Ling - 2013-18

Ha Ling - 2013-19
Beet and goat cheese salad.

Ha Ling - 2013-20
Panko Crusted Salmon Burger and crispy yam fries.

Ha Ling - 2013-21
Shrimp tacos. Om nom nom!!

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