Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chez Mach Oyster Bar

Anita and I are suckers for raw oysters. I'm like Pavlov's dog the minute we encounter fresh oysters, so you can imagine our salivatory excitement when we hit up the newly opened Save-on Foods to find that they had fresh Kumamoto and Kusshi oysters in the seafood counter for a buck and half each. Now I finally have an excuse to buy some oyster forks. And also to learn how to make mignonette.

Chez Mach Oyster Bar-3
First attempt at shucking oysters at home. Didn't stab myself with the knife. WIN!

Chez Mach Oyster Bar-1
They even looked presentable after shucking. Bigger shells - Kusshi. Smaller ones - Kumamoto.

Chez Mach Oyster Bar-2

Chez Mach Oyster Bar-4
This one taken with the SX-70 on Impossible Project Colour Protection Film.

Oyster fans: the Kusshis are small-medium sized, but quite deep and meaty, with a nice flavour and clean finish. Easily my favourite. The kumamotos were also nice, but quite small. I like a bit more meat to my bivalves.

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