Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Photo Transfers by George, First Editions

I've been looking into printing my photos onto alternative surfaces recently (metal, acrylic), but hadn't quite worked up the fiscal motivation to actually follow through ($$$$$). So when I discovered the cheap and magical process of DIY photo transfers, I quickly hit up Home Depot to pick up some MDF and a circular saw. And I didn't even hack off any of my fingers cutting the pieces down to size! WIN!

These are my first two photo transfers (first editions, yo!), from pictures taken in Chile and Portugal. Clearly, I don't have the quality down yet (the larger transfer is peeling), but I still really like the raw look and feel of photos on mdf. Next up, photos on beautiful grained wood.

Photo Transfers-1

Photo Transfers-2

And here are what the actual transfers look like, scanned in full resolution, alongside the original photos.

Photo Transfers-3

A little Fish and WIne Action-3

Photo Transfers-4

Portugal Historic Tram No. 28

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