Monday, December 1, 2014

Acceptable Behaviours for Semi-Professional Office Environments for Dummies

I realize there isn't an "Acceptable Behaviours for Semi-Professional Office Environments for Dummies" book, but similar to farting in an elevator, washing your feet in the sink seems like one of those unspoken DON'T DO IT practices.

Okay, so rewind. Around 2:00pm this afternoon, I've had far too much double double steeped tea and other liquids for one day, and head towards the men's room down the hallway from our office. As I enter the two stall + one urinal washroom, I'm slightly taken aback by the strange sight of a dude standing barefoot on a wad of paper towels, with his other foot plopped in the sink where people wash their hands (and some folks brush their teeth in). For a second, I confusedly thought I'd accidentally wandered into the washroom of some ghetto fast food joint in a sketchy part of town. That would have seemed par for the course. But no, this was an employee (I see him fairly often on my floor) in a government building, with his khaki pant legs rolled up, standing with one foot in the waist height sink, washing his feet. And there are a set of showers just down the hall, so what would prompt him to think, "I need to take off my shoes and socks in this washroom right now, and scrub me some toejam into the sink" ...?

People are strange.

NYC - A Random Assortment-2
Since we're on the topic of people's feet in public, here's a dude in New York City, putting socks on.

NYC - A Random Assortment-1
A couple minutes later, and he hasn't made much progress.

NYC - A Random Assortment-3
And a few more minutes after that. He's swapped feet, but still appears to be struggling with this task.


  1. No lie: On 2 separate occasions in the ladies washroom in my office, I have seen 2 different female employees vomiting into the sink. One of them was actually my supervisor. I don't use those washrooms to brush my teeth anymore. Huh-looooo people?!

  2. Yeah, vomiting into a public sink instead of in the privacy of a toilet stall does seem odd. Unless maybe all the stalls were occupied at the time?