Monday, January 26, 2015

Life drawing and more - a week of art in Ottawa

Another round of "Woo!! Naked Wednesdays" - more appropriately known as 'Life Drawing at Sandy Hill' - in cold, desolate, wintery Siberia Ottawa last Wednesday. I was pretty disappointed in my results at this session, but whatever. I blame it on the cold, desolate, wintery climate of Siberia... my fingers were frozen and frostbitten to death. In fact, if digits reacted to cold like other certain appendages, they'd have shrunk to embarrassing pre-pubescent sizing.

Sketches done with the Pentel Pocket brush pen, Shin-han Touch markers, and a bit of white chalk.

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill, 2015 -3

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill, 2015 -2

Life Drawing - Sandy Hill, 2015 -1

While disappointed in my figure drawing, I was happy with how my package of film to the lab turned out. I guess I should just stick to sketching animals.

Caribou Film Lab

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