Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Street Hawkers of Ho Chi Minh

Street photography (from wikipedia: photography that features the human condition within public places...) is a genre I enjoy shooting, despite being absolute crap at it. There's something about timing your shot to capture a fleeting and candid moment of life, and these scenes become particularly interesting for me when they document a way of life that is so utterly different than our experiences back home.

Here are a handful of shots taken while we were in Ho Chi Minh (and one from Mui Ne), Vietnam, of the various vendors and hawkers at street level.

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-8

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-6

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-1

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-2

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-3

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-4

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-5

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-7

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-9

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-10

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-11

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-12

Ho Chi Minh Hawkers-13

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