Thursday, July 30, 2015

Portland 2015 - The Gang

I was hoping to do a thorough cull through of photos from LA and Portland tonight, but alas, I accomplished about as much as your average Canadian Senator does in a day. Which is to say, not much at all. But don't worry, Captain Steve isn't going to appoint anymore, what a hero*. But I digress... at least I was able to pick out a handful of shots of the gang that drove down to meet, eat, drink, and beach with us in PDX. I think we can all agree that Evelyn was the star of the show, the rest of us were just extras on her set. More photos to come... when I finally break out of this senator-ish torpor I've been trapped in for a couple weeks.

Taste of Portland-4

Taste of Portland-3

Taste of Portland-5

Taste of Portland-2

Taste of Portland-1

All photos taken inside Dan & Louis' Oyster Bar, where we went for happy hour oysters.

Taste of Portland-9
A rather ugly plating job of oysters with a sort of DIY cocktail sauce (a dollop of ketchup dropped over some horseradish). But the oysters were dee-lish, so I guess I can't complaint too much.

*Captain Steve is not a hero, in case you missed the sarcasm. He's a "See You Next Tuesday". End sidebar.

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