Sunday, March 6, 2016

Grocery Shopping is the new Clubbing

This is probably a sad indictment of our social lives (or lack thereof), but our Friday evening excitement involved driving to the new Loblaws City Market in Calgary to see how it differed from a regular Superstore. Yeah, that's how old we are.


Aside from the interesting selection of fresh and frozen meats (sides of beef hanging to age in the showcase, kangaroo and ostrich medallions, alligator steaks, whole cut up rabbit, fresh ground elk, and even store made fish sausages), my favourite part was that you don't bag your own groceries. I HATE bagging my own, because I always feel pressured by the people speeding down the conveyor belt behind me, and I inevitably crush my bread or some other item in my haste to not hold up the line.


And then to follow up that little adventure in drooling, we went full glutton last night at Rodney's Oyster House for the Big Taste YYC festival.


Rodneys- Before
For you oyster lovers out there, we had four types. Our favourites by far were the west coast ones called Marina's Top Drawer, from Quadra Island BC. They were small, but meaty with a slightly sweeter taste than your standard brine/ ocean flavour. Deeee-lish!

Rodneys- After

Aged 28 days
Dry aging to perfection. #28dayslater #notthezombieapocalypsemovie

Aged 28 days

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