Thursday, March 31, 2016

TBT - The Great Wall of China

A throwback to our first trip together, to China, nearly 10 years ago. We took some random bus to the middle of nowhere, 2 hours away from Beijing, then bravely (or perhaps foolishly) hopped into some random sketchy dude's unlicensed cab and asked him to drive us to the Great Wall, hoping he would wait around as we hiked for 4 hours. In retrospect, despite having no money, or smartphones with google maps and instant directions, we were pretty fearless in our 20's. I'm not so sure I'd hop that same 'cab' now, if given the same circumstances.

These shots were from Mutianyu, a section of the wall in a more remote area than the most touristed section, and so we had kilometres of the wall to ourselves. For the travel bugs, this is definitely a place worth seeing.

Great Wall-1

Great Wall-9

Great Wall-7

Great Wall-6

Great Wall-10

Great Wall-5

Great Wall-4

Great Wall-3

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