Sunday, August 14, 2016

Barfageddon 2

Last year for Gregg's stag, we didn't exactly get very far into our night of drinking before a parade of puking cut festivities short. It was such a good time that we felt a redux was necessary, and so I present you with photos from Barfageddon Two, where a surprising amount of crotch and nostril pictures ended up on my camera. While last year's festivities involved a disgraceful amount of vomit, the only shame that happened this year was when Tim was told he was too fat to ride a go kart at Speeders. So while we zipped around at top speed (click here for a go pro video of our second race), Tim went sorrow eating, before we then got trashed on gin, scotch, vodka, beer, and J├Ąger. Good times.

And if you decide to watch the video, be sure to check out Dean spinning out at the 5:06 mark.

Barfageddon Redux-16

Barfageddon Redux-3

Barfageddon Redux-4
Gregg blowing smoke, as he is known for.

Barfageddon Redux-5

Barfageddon Redux-6

Barfageddon Redux-7

Barfageddon Redux-8

Barfageddon Redux-9
I'm fishing a fly out of my drink, which I guess means I'm fly fishing?

Barfageddon Redux-10
There's a little more salt and pepper in Scott's beard this year.

Barfageddon Redux-11

Barfageddon Redux-12

Barfageddon Redux-13

Barfageddon Redux-14

Barfageddon Redux-15

Barfageddon Redux-17

Barfageddon Redux-20

Barfageddon Redux-18

Barfageddon Redux-19

Barfageddon Redux-2

Barfageddon Redux-1

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