Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Scrambles - Mt. Lady MacDonald

Anita was a total badass yesterday, as we powered up Mt. Lady MacDonald after a 7 week hiatus from hiking in the mountains. The route itself was largely just a steep but straight forward hike... that is, until you hit the summit ridge. The crux is a notoriously thin ledge with a straight cliff drop off one side, and a steep sheer slope down the other. Many a hiker with less than adequate sized cajones have reached the start of the summit ridge, only to turn back for fear of ... you know, death. Apparently Anita has some giant balls hidden somewhere in that tiny body. #allballsnobrains. See the photos near the end of this post to better understand how sketchy scrambling this ridge actually is.

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-13

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-3

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-2

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-1

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-5

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-7

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-6

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-8

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-9

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-10
The Triple Crown: Summiting East End of Rundle, Ha Ling, and Lady Mac in one season.

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-11

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-12
Even the otherwise fearless Missus needed to take a breather, and decided to straddle the ridge and crawl across this part.

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-14

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-15

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-16

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-17

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-18
Watching her do this little bit of wobbling while crossing the final part of the ridge worried me a bit.

Scrambles - Lady MacDonald-19
Back down at the tea house platform, Anita relaxes for a short nap before the long descent back to the car.

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