Sunday, December 11, 2016

Drink and Ski Weekend

I haven't snowboarded in a couple seasons, due to a lingering back injury, but I decided to stop being a cripple and give it a go this weekend. The boys (plus Gabrielle) drove down from Edmonton and we hit the slopes together for the first time in years. We started by drinking till 3am, caught 3 inadequate hours of sleep before the unwelcome call to rise at 6am, and then shook off the hangovers while driving 2 hours to Lake Louise in minus 24 degree weather. Despite the frigid temperatures showing on our weather apps, it actually felt okay, and by the early afternoon, the sun peaked out to blanket the resort in an incredibly beautiful warm light. What a perfect day.

Ski Trip - Dec 2016-9
Sunset on Mt. Temple, as seen from the highway, on our return home.

Ski Trip - Dec 2016-8
View from the Larch Express Quad Chair. This is one of my favourite rides, with stunning views of gigantic snow ghost conifers to the left, and Mt. Temple and the Valley of the Ten Peaks to the right.

Ski Trip - Dec 2016-6
Gregg and Tytus admire the view before embarking on the next run.

Ski Trip - Dec 2016-5
Snowflakes shimmering like diamonds in the afternoon sun.

Ski Trip - Dec 2016-7
Jeremy's beard was all frozen crystals after the chilly -20 degree morning.

Ski Trip - Dec 2016-4
The beautiful afternoon glow of the sun and hoarfrosted trees, as seen from the Gondola up the front face.

Selfies with the gang, sans Dean.

Ski Trip - Dec 2016-3
Ice crystals form on Dean's 'stache.

Watch the falling snow shimmer in the sun like diamonds in the sky. (choose the high def options... the 360p doesn't do it justice).

The beautiful afternoon light, as seen from the front side gondola.

The mesmerizing view of snow ghosts from the Larch Quad Express.


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