Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jet Lag, and a Day in Hoi An

Welcome to Daylight Savings Time, AKA Jetlag City. Population: you and everyone you know except Saskatchewan. Yes, dear Saskatchewites, this is the one day of the year I envy you. Smile smugly, as you get your normal hours of sleep while the rest of the world wonders where they misplaced an hour.

I've managed to avoid polluting your social media feeds with my stench for 3 weeks, so I guess it's time to post a few photos. Allow me to transport you to beautiful Hoi An, a charming and character filled city in central Vietnam. We only had time for a short day trip here, but I enjoyed every minute of it, and would highly recommend a visit should you ever be in the country.

Hoi An - Digital-12
At night, colourful lanterns adorn the beautiful shopfronts in the old historic quarter.

Hoi An - Digital-14

Hoi An - Digital-4

Hoi An - Digital-1

Hoi An - Digital-2
Hoi An is known for its abundance of custom tailors.

Hoi An - Digital-5

Hoi An - Digital-3

Hoi An - Digital-6

Hoi An - Digital-7

Hoi An - Digital-8

Hoi An - Digital-9

Hoi An - Digital-10
The bridge printed on the 20,000 VND note is here as well.

Hoi An - Digital-13

Hoi An - Digital-15

Hoi An - Digital-16
This Banh Mi (Vietnamese Subs) shop was lined up out the block, but was well worth the wait.

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