Sunday, March 19, 2017

Johnston Canyon

Anita and I went out for a short winter hike up Johnston Canyon today, and I finally found the 'secret' cave that I've seen so many photos of, but had never been to myself before. SUCCESS! This hike is uber touristy, but the icy wintery conditions keeps the crowds at bay, and the waterfalls are stunning when frozen. Just make sure you bring some ice cleats or spikes.

Johnston Canyon-6

Johnston Canyon-1
The beautifully frozen lower falls.

Johnston Canyon-2

Johnston Canyon-3

Johnston Canyon-4

Johnston Canyon-5
The stunning prow shaped rock, from inside the carved out 'cave'.

Johnston Canyon-7

Johnston Canyon-8
View of the same rock, but from the trail above.

Johnston Canyon-9
Ice climbers making their way up the upper falls.

Johnston Canyon-11

Johnston Canyon-10

Johnston Canyon-15

Johnston Canyon-12

Johnston Canyon-13

Johnston Canyon-14

Johnston Canyon-16

Johnston Canyon-17

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