Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trip Report - Packenham Junior

Last weekend, we took a short hike up a largely unheralded minor peak known as Packenham Junior. Total elevation gain was only 630m, and it was supposed to be a fairly straight forward hike, with little technical scrambling required. But between the ridiculously steep 2nd half of the way up (see the photos), and the several spots where we sort of lost the faint trail and ended up scrambling up some sketchy loose rock walls, I would say this one isn't quite as 'easy' as Nugara's book rates it. Also, ticks. EVERYWHERE. It's apparently that time of the year, so check yo'self.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-7
Anita does a bit of scrambling as we near the summit. Yes, the route was actually that steep for the last half of the way up.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-2

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-9

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-1
We got a little off trail, and ended up scrambling up a steep loose wall.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-4
She generally only sticks her tongue out like this when it gets relentlessly steep.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-3

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-5

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-6

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-8

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-10

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-11

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-12
At the summit, Anita looks at neighbouring Grizzly Peak, which happens to be the first mountain I ever scrambled up.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-13
Summit beer: Oast House Brewers Barn Raiser Country Ale.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-14
On the descent, we encountered a few of these cliff bands we had to navigate around.

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