Sunday, May 27, 2018

YYC Bike Rave

Look ma! I joined a biker gang last night! Except, by 'biker gang', I really mean a ragtag group of cyclists out for YYC Bike Rave in Crescent Heights. We be terrorizing residential neighbourhoods with our flashing LEDs and glow sticks, and bluetooth speakers pumping out random jams at slightly nuisance volume. #totalboss

I hadn't ridden my bike in 8 years, so discovered a few quirks last night. The front tire had a slow leak that barely held up for the duration of the ride, the derailleur was messed up so I couldn't access my top gears, and my seat hurts my bum. #notsoboss

Bike Rave YYC-11
My ride, a classic Cannondale, posing in Crescent Heights overlooking the skyline.

Bike Rave YYC-6
Kristina holds up my bike for a shot. I need to get a kickstand.

Bike Rave YYC-10

Bike Rave YYC-8

Bike Rave YYC-7

Bike Rave YYC-9
Kristina's bike decked out with 6 dollars worth of glow sticks.

Bike Rave YYC-5

Bike Rave YYC-4

Bike Rave YYC-3
There were a lot of confused looks by drivers on the road as our group rode by.

Bike Rave YYC-1

Bike Rave YYC-2

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